DIY Fundraising Event

We need you for our medical services, the poor in China needs your help! Due to the great need for medical services in China, Cornerstone will explore and deepen the health care services for the poor and sick compatriots. Although the budget for the development of medical services is extremely huge, we believe that we can make a mountain out of a molehill bit by bit. Let say $1,000 for the unit, as long as we have collected twenty thousand units, we can get closer to our medical dream! We hope to encourage our community to join us with positive responses. You can raise money for other services as well. 

We urge everyone to show their creativity, expertise and enthusiasm to organize some self-organizing charity events. 

Individual – Donating gifts

You can hold banquets, music concerts or parties for all kinds of festive or anniversary celebrations and invite your relatives and friends to join. Ask them to make the gifts into donations to support our ministry! 

Family Activities 

You can prepare fund-raising events such as talent shows, music performances or birthday parties with your children. 

Steps to hold a DIY fundraising event:

1) Application 

Make online application in the bottom of this page. Fill in details of the activity such as the name and target amount of donation. 

2.) Confirmation 

After receiving your application, we will have a look and confirmation will be made through email within a week. Fund-raising forms will be sent as well after confirmation.

3.) Start Up 

You can start to prepare the event! We are willing to provide assistance such as producing brochures and videos needed. 

4.) Donor Support

Your supporter can instantly make a donation via credit card on Cornerstone's webpage directly. We will soon send the donation receipt according to the information provided. 

5.) Certificate for overall planning

When the event is finished, certificate will be issued to show our thanks to your participation and support.

Take Action Now!

Please fill in the online application form to organise a creative and meaningful event!

Should there be any requires, please contact us on (852) 2314 8942 or by email:

DIY Fundraising Event Online Application