Post Date:2018/5/15

Our ministries developed smoothly all through these years with all your support and donations, while our General Fund expenses are still calling for support. We hereby invite all of you to walk with Cornerstone and become our Monthly General Fund Donar, since the more monthly supporters we have, the more Warmth can be brought to the ministry frontline by Cornerstone!

To bring Warmth to the ministry frontline, we need ALL OF YOUR PARTICIPATION. We sincerely invite all knitting experts and knitting rookies to join our “Share. Warmth” Campaign as knitting volunteers to make scarfs for the needy and bring them Warmth; or you may become our Warmth Couriers to deliver the Warmth Bag for the knitting volunteers or even yourself. We hope everyone has the chance to join our ministry!

[“Share. Warmth” Campaign Details]
Every Warmth Bag includes:
1. Paper Gift Bag x1
2. Gift Card x 1 (Please write down your blessings on it)
3. Tricolour Yarn x1 (about 180g)
4. Knitting Loom x1, 3mm Hook x1, Needle x1
5. 101 Knitting Instruction+ Tutorial Video

Volunteers please finish the scarf within a month, and return the scarf, written Gift Card and coloured Paper Gift Bag to our office by mail or in person, so that we can send out the Warmth Bags to the people we serve during our trips.
Cornerstone Association Address: Room 504, Austin Tower, 22-26A Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong